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• 3/27/2013

Enabling and Disabling certain features, and discussing about the Chat and Site Policies.

For the past few weeks, we haven't properly discussed about the enabling and disabling certain features in the wiki (Polls, Achievements, Chats, Blogs etc.). I am happy to hear all of your suggestions, just give me the reasons why a certain feature should be enable or disabled and I'll decide if it should be allowed or not and I'll give you my reasons why.

The second discussion is that we all haven't agreed on the Chat and Site policies that were already set up. I believe we should first discuss what policies we want on the wiki, and when we all come to a consensus, we will change the policies to follow this wiki's expectations.

If you want to have a look at the pages that has features on this wiki, here's the link:


For both of the policies, here are the links:



Tell me your suggestions.

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• 3/18/2013

I think all options should be enabled, except for Top 10 Lists, as alot of the edit wars and vandalism happens there.

• 3/18/2013

The chat policies are good, I took them from the Victorious Wiki. It's the basics that helps users understand what is appropriate and not appropriate for the wiki.

The site policies are just basic things, they just enforce policies to make sure this wiki is a fun and safe place.

• 3/19/2013

Its very thoughtful of you to create some policies for the wiki. However, I believe there are some policies that should be modified to suit this wiki website and there are some policies that should be deleted. I was wondering if you can modify the chat and site policies. But first, lets hear the suggestion of Gamer124.