• Pixarfannumberone


    February 26, 2016 by Pixarfannumberone

    Secon Blog

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  • Pixarfannumberone

    Disney Wiki

    February 24, 2016 by Pixarfannumberone

    Is anyone else on the Disney Wiki also?

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  • Gman581996

    Hola Amigos! Hello Everyone! Welcome to the Handy Manny Wiki site. Handy Manny Wiki is a collaborative encyclopedia about Disney's preschool TV series Handy Manny, which anyone can edit and contribute. Join us and learn more about Handy Manny and his loyal tools and the community of which he lives in Sheetrock Hills.

    So far, there are only 2 users contributing and editing this wiki website and a only a few pages and content on the wiki. But with the support of all of the wikia community and yourself, this wiki page will grow into a successful wiki.

    People are free contribute to this wiki by adding pages, editing pages and adding images, videos and files about Handy Manny.

    Please do come and and help us build this wiki. Your contributions will…

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