There are many characters who have appeared in the TV series Handy Manny. This page is created to list all characters who have appeared in the TV series.

The Characters have been listed down into 4 different categories, Main Characters, Minor Characters, Animal Characters and Special Characters

Main CharactersEdit

Main Characters are characters who have appeared multiple times in the series of Handy Manny. Main Characters have a major active role in the entire series of Handy Manny.

Minor Characters

Minor Characters are characters who have appeared or featured in the series in a few times in the whole series. The majority of minor characters who have appeared are mostly citizens of Sheetrock Hills and Concrete Falls.

Animal Characters

Animal characters are animals and pets who have appeared in the series of Handy Manny. Different animal characters such cats, dogs, lizards, birds and all sorts of animals all are listed in this category

Special CharactersEdit

Special Characters are special characters who are featured in the series as being very unique. Special Characters are listed down in this category as because:

  1. They are rarely featured in the whole entire series, which they might appear around 1 to 3 times in the whole entire series
  2. Non-active characters such as Manny's parents and some of Manny's rarely featured relatives are special. These characters do not have an active role, but are featured in episodes as being in pictures or memories Manny has kept with him.
  3. Characters such Inum , an alien character, are special because they are a different race of beings.

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