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The Handy Manny site policies are expected to be followed. To not have read them, is no excuse for breaking them.

  1. To not have read these policies, is not an excuse.
  2. You are expected to treat all members, contributors and users with kindness.
  3. Also read our chat policy.

Do notEdit

  1. Abuse multiple accounts, such as creating a new account to avoid previous block or ban.
  2. Edit other user pages besides your own without permission.
  3. Create new categories without an admin's approval.
  4. Add excessive categories to articles.
  5. Insert false information.
  6. Insult other users.
  7. Harass or threaten another user.
  8. Advertise for other pages, this is considered spam.
  9. Badge game, meaning making edits just to get awards.
  10. Ship war, meaning if you don't like a particular ship, stay off the page and don't bash on ships.
  11. Use warning templates, these are only to be used by admins and rollbacks.
  12. Add sexually explicit content or pictures.
  13. Remove information or content from pages based on your dislikes, this is considered vandalism.
  14. Posting comments in all capital letters. They will be edited or deleted. Acronyms are acceptable.
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