Full Name:

Kelly Krenshaw






Store Owner and Manager at Kelly's Hardware Store

Languages Spoken:

English, Some Spanish

Interest and Hobbies:

Wind Surfing, Watching Movies, Practicing speaking Spanish

Love Interest:


Family and Relatives:

Elliot Krenshaw (Younger Brother)

Aunt Ginny (Aunty)

Kelly's Great Grandmother


"Hola Manny, hi tools. What can I do for you?"

Voiced By:

Nancy Truman

Kelly is one of the main characters who appears in Handy Manny . She is a citizen of Sheetrock Hills and she is the owner of her own store, Kelly's Hardware Store Kelly has a younger brother, Elliot, who would sometimes help her out at her store


Kelly appears to be cheerful, helpful and caring. She usually has the knowledge of what her customers need and would usually have hardware items available in stock in her hardware store, no matter how rare the item might be. She usually organizes her store to make it easier to find the item her customers needs, however occasionally, when a lot of ordered deliveries of hardware supply arrives at her store, it makes it difficult for her to find what she is looking for and would usually ask her younger brother Elliot or Manny and his tools for assistance.

Kelly has the knowledge of what kinds of items needed for a specific type of repair. In the episode Handy Manny's Construction Job, Mr. Lopart was taking over as Handyman temporarily while Manny was at a construction site. When Mr Lopart was asking for a list of hardware items for a tile repair, Kelly knew what items is needed for a tile repair, however the items that Mr. Lopart asked for is incorrect, which concerns Kelly and hires another assitant her cartoon daughter


Kelly has orange hair and green eyes, she wears ear rings, pink shirt and blue pants. She wears a beige fanny pack around a waist and she wears pink slippers


In this Hardware Store she has many hardware things not just tools but also paint and many garden items to and art prints to of many celeb gardeners that have appear in the shop eatch signed she spends most of her time planning things for her shop and makes it nice