Manny's Breezy Birds is Manny's very own film that debuted on video in April of 2013.

Plot Edit

Manny and his tools are working hard to find a bubble blower to help Mayor Rosa and Patter save Sheetrock Hills to help Mrs. Portillo with her newly revamped shop. Manny has a film to make about his tools so he can see Dusty.

Characters Present Edit

  1. Manny Garcia
  2. Mayor Rosa
  3. Mabber (debut)
  4. Pabber
  5. Manny's Tools (only Flicker,Pat and Squeeze)
  6. Kelly (closing credits only)

Note Edit

  1. This is Mabber's first appearence
  2. Dusty,Rusty,Felipe and Turner don't appear in this film at all.
  3. This marks Manny's first film from Disney Studio Home Video.
  4. This marks the only film that was made for Handy Manny. This is the only movie that does not air on television or VHS.
  5. Kelly was absent in this episode but she appears in the closing sequence.